A one-stop document for learning about cadCAD & how to use it.

Step 0: What IS cadCAD?

Step 1: Getting Started with cadCAD

So you've heard about the amazing things cadCAD can do for open source modeling & simulation. Let's get you set up to use it!

A. 👩‍🎓 Take the cadCAD Complete Foundations Bootcamp course:

B. 🤖 Install cadCAD:

You have a few options here, depending how deep you are planning to dive into cadCAD.

Lite: Use cadCAD in Google Colab

Power User: Install cadCAD on your local environment

C.🚦 Walk through the cadCAD Tutorials:

Follow along with this 7-step tutorial, starting with a simple mechanical system. This tutorial demonstrates that simple mechanisms don't always compose intuitively - thus the importance of modelling & simulating complex systems.


D. ⚔ Venture on cadCAD Quests:

Finished with the cadCAD tutorials? Venture on towards a cadCAD Quest below!